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There are no eligibility criteria for having our meals delivered. Some people register with us who require a couple of meals of week and would like a break from cooking their own lunch now and again, others for short periods of time, perhaps following illness or injury, and some of our clients enjoy daily meal deliveries if they are perhaps less able to cook or shop easily.

Do call and ask for a trial if you would like to find out more. You will not be tied into any contracts and we exist in order to help people just like you or your relative.

As an independent charity and not linked in any way with social services, care organisations or health carers we also provide a crisis reporting service or a watchful eye service on your behalf or on behalf of your relative, calling a friend or loved one with your permission if you are not well or unexpectedly not at home. Our Client Liaison Drivers get to know their clients well and are often the first to spot a problem even if it is just noticing that someone is a little out of sorts. A telephone call to the office ensures that we contact someone quickly.

Our aim to help people of all ages and in all situations enjoy a happy and healthy life and your privacy and dignity is completely assured.

In addition to individuals, we also provide a luncheon meal service to lunch groups in care homes, Churches, Village Halls and also to Age UK.

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Camms Meals on Wheels used to have some support from the local Council however that support was withdrawn a few years ago and we have continued to deliver our outstanding service.

Despite receiving no assistance from either a Council or a benefactor, we continue to strive to provide what we know is a much valued service to clients throughout Cambridgeshire.

It is surprising that up until relatively recently, some people believed that meals on wheels no longer existed – we are very much here and here to help you!

We are always grateful for sponsorship and contributions and if you would like to make a corporate or personal contribution to support our work we have a PayPal page set up to enable this. Thank you.

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